CONCEPTION INK Privacy Policy for Clients 2016

Our privacy commitment to you.

To learn more about how Conception Ink. manages Client Information and what actions you can take, please continue reading. We are rearranging our policy to better suit the demands of our clients and provide you with more options about managing Client Information.

We are committed to respecting and protecting our Client’s privacy.

This document includes:

About us
1. Making the security of information a priority
2. Collecting information
3. Managing information
4. Making sure information is accurate
5. Honoring your preferences
6. Actions you can take
7. Guarding your own information
8. Conception Ink. lateral connections

This policy covers Client information, which means personally identifiable information about a customer or that customer’s current or former relationship with Conception Ink. This policy is an initiative of the Creators of Conception Ink. to protect customers’ privacy and the integrity of Conception Ink.

Conception Ink.  Bringing Visual Concepts to life™

About Us

Conception Ink was birthed out of the frustration of mediocrity. This company was compelled to showcase a higher quality standard that surpassed all of what was offered not only nationally but internationally a well. It competes with the quality of big name graphics design companies and is compelling by nature. Our motto is always to stand out and create a story with each art piece.

Conception Ink is a Bahamian owned company established in 2007 and registered in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, under Section 12(1) of the Registration of Business Names Act, 1989. This business is therefore operating legally in the Bahamas and has the right to take legal actions against any offenders.

This business was established with Bahamian businesses in mind for the sole purpose of promoting the expansion of businesses and to stimulate pride in ownership.
Conception Ink is a growing company and proposes to showcase excellence in conceptual art with a better than international standard.

0105181015 Conception Ink. © 2015, all rights reserved

Conception Ink.  Bringing Visual Concepts to life™

Licensing Information:

Conception Ink is licensed under the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and legally functions within the islands of the Bahamas.

Howbeit, Conception Ink is based in Hanna Hill, Eight Mile Rock and operates as a mobile unit.

License No. 08 0091303 Registration No. 30475

EST. Date: 16th August 2007

Conception Ink. Bringing Visual Concepts To Life™

1. Making the security of information a priority

Keeping financial information secure is one of our most important responsibilities. Additionally we maintain physical, electronic procedural protocol that safeguards to protect Customer Information. Appropriate employees are authorized to access Customer Information for business purposes only. Our employees are trained and bound by a code of ethics to treat each client as a confidential and important one and are subject to disciplinary and or legal action if they do not comply.

2. Collecting Information

We collect a number of different information about you and your work to service you, save you time and money, better respond to your needs and manage our business and risks more effectively and efficiently.

Client Information is categorized in the following 5 ways:

Identification Information - information that identifies you, such as and not limited to name, address, telephone number, and National Insurance number for Bahamian citizens.

Application Information - information you provide to us on any application and through other means that will prove you to be the owner of information or work you request to be changed or otherwise worked on by us. Examples include license number and or registration certificates.

Transaction Information - information about transactions and communications with the client. Such as notes, receipts payment history and drafts. Conception Ink has accounts in Royal Bank of Canada and The Bank Of The Bahamas. All checks must be made payable to Conception Ink.

When giving your credit card information, please give at your discretion to the CEO or to Brooke Grant who is in charge of transactions. We accept all major credit cards that are processed through Cenpos at the Bank Of The Bahamas. Conception Ink has a great record of confidentiality and customers can rely on our honest transactions. If you see any strange transactions, please call Steffon Grant and notify your own bank for your protection as well as ours. 

For credit card payments, please swipe in person after providing some government-issued photo identification. For payments over the phone, the conversation may be recorded  for quality purposes and for your protection as well as ours.

Consumer Report Information - information from a consumer reports such as surveys and other outside assessments that prove credibility and transparency.

General Information - information from outside sources regarding a client’s affiliation with major named projects for the purposes of avoiding forgery duplication and or theft of work.

Conception Ink. Bringing Visual Concepts To Life™

3. Managing Information

We manage where and how information is shared:

A. Within Conception Ink
B. With companies that work for us or third parties C. In other situations

Managing information within Conception Ink.

Conception Ink is one company that uses outsourcing print and webpage actualizations only. It includes several branches such as logo designs, t-shirt designs, flyer designs, background designs, word art, card designs and other local or international designs or concepts.

All work is done in draft forms and are arranged for as little tweaking as possible. In this respect, our policy requires us to make certain our final drafts are said to be final and complete before work is handed over to a client. We will contact you if we suspect that your information has been compromised or stolen. We do not collect NIB numbers in attempts to victimize or discriminate in any way. We aim to keep all information confidential and secure. We create individual Client files (Portfolios) and build on them as Clients return. Appropriate employees for business purposes can access them during operational hours only. Additional security measures can be requested where necessary and are subject to additional fees.

Managing information with companies that work for us

We may share any of the categories of Customer Information with companies that work for us, including companies located outside the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.
All web page designs are outsourced by another company and will not be regarded as the work of Conception Ink and our laws and policies may not apply or only apply where appropriate. Work is closely monitored by the Conception Ink team to maintain originality and integrity. However, our policies are subject to the accord between whichever companies we are aligned with in contract form between Conception Ink and the other company.

We will not disclose billing or credit card information outside the clear consent of the owner / client.
We do not give work to non-profit organizations for gain neither do we donate our clients’ work to charity at any time. All work not paid for is archived.

Conception Ink.  Bringing Visual Concepts to life™

Managing information in other situations

We may also disclose any and all of the categories of Client Information to the Royal Bahamas Police Force or any of the judicial sectors of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas by written request by the sector for any legal purpose.
In the above case, clients are contacted and made aware that their information has been access by a third party in keeping with our policy.

Additionally, any federal or judicial sector outside the Commonwealth may access your information for legal purposes with the same written request.
No other third party can access your information in Conception Ink.

4. Making sure information is accurate

Keeping client information up to date is a priority for Conception Ink. We confirm clients’ addresses, email addresses, names, method of payment, telephone contact and other identifiable information thoroughly. We respond to changes and update immediately. Our staff is competent in locating a client’s file wither it be a virtual or hard copy. We ask for print only and all numbers are written in separate color ink, and signed by our staff and client so no changes can be made without consent.

5. Honoring your preferences

The management at Conception Ink realizes that there is more than just one method to any graphics design. We keep an open mind for ideas that come from every angle imaginable. We do not discriminate against religions or ethnic groups. We try to accommodate the exact desire of a client through our draft (sketch) method. Although we do not print, we search for the best print shops for the job at hand for our client to give them the best quality print job the market has to offer.

Finally, we make sure our client is satisfied with the finished product through a written satisfaction form that remains optional unless it is made mandatory by management. *See special cases

6. Actions you can take

There are certain actions you can take to ensure your information is always correct and up to date.

Always write clearly and check to make sure what you have written is correct.

Check all billing statements to ensure that no mistakes were made on your receipts etc.

Conception Ink.  Bringing Visual Concepts to life™

Check the tag number on your order forms. They correlate with the number on your drafts. In the instance of you actually loosing this tag number, you may be asked to produce additional identification.

Be clear when giving phone contacts and other addresses. Otherwise you may run the risk of additional late or redirect fees (for shipping).

7. Guarding your own information

You may opt not to give credit card or NIB number where an alternative may be available. You may inquire on the status of your work during our business hours without harassment from our employees.
In addition, you have the option of paying a Confidential Fee that locks all other employees out of your personal information (including previews) and gives management exclusive access to your work. This reserves the copyright for your work and a “©” will appear along with the year of creation and the name of the owner of the work. The price of this service is based on the nature of the work to be copyrighted.

8. Conception Ink lateral connections

Conception Ink is a solely owned by Steffon A. Grant and is a Bahamian based company. It was established in 2007 and is not a branch or a partner with any other corporation or establishment.
However, Conception Ink operates as a graphics only business and out sources for print jobs and websites with trusted and capable companies in and outside of the Bahamas. Conception Ink hopes to bring about seamless processing that brings about calm and trust in our customers. In addition to honoring our customers’ preferences, we also give our clients the option of having the print shop of their choice as long as that business is up to the standard of Conception Ink’s required output. This, however, is still left up tot he discretion of the management of Conception Ink and may require our clients to sign a release form (Confidential Fees may apply)

You may have other privacy protections under the Constitution of the Bahamas’ Consumers act, the Port Authority act or any International Consumer based act. To the extent these laws apply, we will comply with them with regard to our information practices.

For Freeport Clients only, the city of Freeport may require additional copyright and trademark fees aside from the Commonwealth of the Bahamas’ annual or otherwise required fees. Conception Ink is not responsible for covering additional fees and will not be held accountable if additional fees apply in the case of copyright and or trade marking and other dimensional fees or taxes given by the Port Authority of Grand Bahama island; that is to say fees not mentioned in any of Conception Ink’s contracts or quotes. In many cases, signage must meet a zonal code and Conception Ink will only follow the instructions of our client. Please honor the codes in your district for signage as Conception Ink will not take responsibility for any infractions. Speak with the regulations board for signage at the Port Authority for proper dimensions in your area.

Conception Ink.  Bringing Visual Concepts to life™

Conception Ink will not share Client Information, Draft progress Information, Concepts or any other confidential information from or with any outside sources, except with the written consent of that client and or source.

Refund/ Return Policy.

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required for all jobs over $100 in value. Due to the nature of the work that we do and the high sensitivity of the work, we have a no-return policy. It is at the customer's discretion to return any product from Conception Ink. Meanwhile, we maintain that all labor costs are non-refundable. In-store credit can be arranged for clients only with express authorization of the CEO. The value and prices of all jobs are based on labor and conceptual work - not any subjective means. Conception ink prices work at a flat rate on the estimation of time required to finish a given job. Should a client wish to receive a refund on a job they are to put it in writing via email. In most cases, customers will receive a full refund on the price of materials or receive the actual materials in return. Customers will not receive any refund on labor prices where work has already began. These are the cases in which customers will not receive a refund:

1. Any Completed physical work
2. Any work beyond a second Draft (a second draft is a second showing and acknowledgement of a piece of work between the customer and Conception Ink.)
3. Any work within 5 days of delivery or estimated completion.
4. Any work beyond its shipping date.

In special cases, it is at the discretion of Conception Ink to  give a full refund including any labor and shipping expenses. However, it remains our policy to give no refunds. By agreeing to any job, our customers acknowledge that they have read and understand both our refund policy and our privacy policy.

For more information please contact the office of Conception Ink: