I created Club INK in 2010 as a teaching tool when I was in college studying Art Education. It was meant to teach literacy through visual arts to challenged teens and younger students. Due to its success, I've decided to open it to anyone willing to take art a little more seriously.

Over the years, I've introduced Club INK as a free afterschool program  to Grand Bahamian students - first at St. Geoges High School and finally The Grand Bahama Cultural Arts Center on East Sunrise Highway. So far, I've been able to attract both school aged and adult learners of all ages.


Our club meets twice per week (Mondays & Wednesdays) for a two hours at a time (3-5pm). We do not provide transportation at this time but we do provide some art materials such as marking tools, canvases and paint when necessary.

Venue To Be Announced


As I work on a more central venue to host the classes, I commit to keeping the cost at a minimum for students (about $1/hour to replenish stock materials) and registration will remain free as long as we can afford all the overhead costs involved in running this operation.


Club Ink is open to students registered in CLUB INK only. If you are a school student or under 18, you must provide verifiable consent from a guardian to be registered. CLUB INK is opened to ages 7+ and registration is free.


The following is a general curriculum for Club Ink:

  • Pencil Drawing
  • Art Tools
  • Art Appreciation
  • Bahamian Art History
  • Shapes
  • Art Principles
  • Art Elements
  • Typography/ Lettering
  • BGCSE coursework
  • BJC coursework

For registration: fill out our simple registration form and I will notify you when our classes begin.


  • Portfolio building
  • 1-on-1 lessons
  • Art Workshops
  • Artist Talks
  • Live Painting
  • Art as a Hobby
  • Art Therapy Sessions
  • Painting Events